Matthew – Vindication – VES

Pirates – Hooked

Host Family Dad – AutoHeart – LenRinTwin

Gareth – From The Ashes – Temporal Studios

Sorcerer – Hollow Kingdom

Doctor Lessus – Back to 5028: Insight – MoofMiser

Prince Ephraim – Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones (fandub) – Amiti Productions

Mysterious Man – Herobrine Origins – Elite Productions

Oswin – Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade Critical Quotes – Fishy Emblem

Oswin – Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade (fandub) – Amiti Productions

Isaiah Snow – Windows to Infinity – YellowDemonHurlr

NCR Soldier – Brave New World – Dracomies Studio



Renegade Favored Champion of Tzeentch – Warhammer 40K Veteran Mod for Dark Crusade – GreenScorpion



Hazymaze – Cinders and Wildfires – DesignationJ

Narrator – World War II Youtube Series

Narrator – Youtube History Channel

Narrator – Diablo 3 Crusader Backstory Video – Saagi Productions

Adult Link – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time audiobook – DragonRand



Casdaq Trading



Athos – The Three Musketeers – Pulaski Fine Arts Association

Young Nicholas, Santa Claus – The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus – Pulaski Fine Arts Association

Father Sansum – Arthur’s Stone, Merlin’s Fire – Pulaski Fine Arts Association

Father – The Match Girl’s Gift – Pulaski Fine Arts Association

Victor Frankenstein – Frankenstein – Pulaski Fine Arts Association

John ‘Jack’ Worthing – The Importance of Being Earnest – Waynesville High School

Samuel – Pirates of Penzance – Waynesville High School



Chris Rager’s “The Sessions” Voice Acting in Anime & Video Games

Blumvox Studios Voiceover Classes



“Kevin Liberty has worked as a narrator on my Ocarina of Time audiobook and has contributed 5 chapters to the project. He has done a superb job on meeting deadlines, providing good quality recordings, and getting his parts done quickly. He has been a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him for your projects.”
– DragonRand

“Amazing job, delivered very quickly, Highly recommended!! Thank you!”
– Casdaq Trading

“It was a pleasure working with Kevin. Great microphone quality and a talented actor with a strong understanding of inflection, intonation and pacing. Meets the big three requirements of an actor. Talent + Availability + Equipment. A great personality and easy to work with. Great turnaround. Great sound and equipment. And acting with laser-point precision.”
– Dracomies Studio